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Featured Music Video:

Artist: Brave Shores

Song: Middle Game

Album: La Hoo La La

WITR REVIEW: Brave Shores just released their first single after their most recent EP La Hoo. Middle Game keeps with their alternative electronic sound. The best part of the single is that it does have an actual video game! If you go to their website you can play as both Stefanie and Jay to collect coins and at the end, once you have collected all the coins you can create your own mix from the song demo. It's pretty fun and you can play it by clicking the link here http://www.braveshores.com/middle-the-game/ The Album is set to release October 17th

Album Reviews:

Beach House:


WITR REVIEW: Beach House released their 7th Album "7" this spring, also marking the 77th track in their catalog. The Album's original issue number was also 777. Baltimore's duo Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally continued with a dream pop and lo-fi sound. Many of the tracks feature repetitive lyrics, and almost all of them have their own sound. There is a difference between each track although they all feature Legrand's dreamy voice. "Pay No Mind" the second track on the album has a very calming feel, but then you continue to the third track "Lemon Glow" and you feel a bit more on edge. This album is definitely worth a full listen through. The futurist synth sound will take you on a journey. Recommended if you like: Washed Out, Real Estate, Beach Fossils

Born Ruffians:

Uncle, Duke & The Chief

WITR REVIEW: This is the Toronto based groups' 5th studio album features their same feel-good indie rock sound. They carry on with a surf rock vibe and have evolved their sound a bit more from the last few albums. Songs 'Miss You', 'Love to Soon' and 'Forget Me' have music videos that coincide to tell a love story. They were directed by July Talk's Leah Fay and Peter Dreimanis. You can hear influences such as the Beatles and Beach Boys. Some of our favorite tracks included, 'Fade to Black' and 'Side Tracked'. Fun Fact: The album title is the nicknames for each band member's dad.