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Featured Music Video:

Artist: Porter Robinson and Madeon

Song: Shelter

Album: Shelter

WITR REVIEW: Shelter, at first listen, is a fun and upbeat song. The lyrics tell a story of moving forwards; using a dreamy past as motivation to strive towards a hopeful future. So, when this video was released, we at WITR expected something good-natured and happy. Oh, how wrong we were.

Album Reviews:

The Avalanches:


WITR REVIEW: The melodic mixers of the mid 90's have had a 16 year hiatus but now return with their new album WildFlower.

Portugal. The Man:

In the Mountain In the Cloud

WITR REVIEW: Portugal. The Man's 6th studio album to date and first signed to Atlantic Records. With a fresh David Bowie-esque psychedelic synth-pop feel, this album is definitely their most glamorous to date. “So American” starts the album off on the right foot, singing about the typical American things, breaking rules, Rock n Roll, and boys and girls. The album’s single, “Got It All (This Can’t Be Living Now)” is perfect for the bike ride along the Genesee on those rare sunny Rochester days. The rest of the album frolics along beautifully, like the scenery of their native Alaska. The final song “Sleep Forever” is one of the strongest, yet also the most atmospheric song on the album. Thanks to “In The Mountain In The Cloud”, Portugal. The Man sounds better than ever.