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Featured Music Video:

Featured Music Video

Artist: Talking Under Water

Song: Tossing & Turning

Album: Tossing & Turning EP

WITR REVIEW: Talking Under Water (Rochester, NY) make their video debut with "Tossing & Turning" -- a bluesy pop song that hovers somewhere between a smokey ballad and a hoarse bellow. Here we visit excerpts from our own restless thoughts and imagined conversations while the band locks in and keeps our mind from going off the deep end. Front man Dave Chisholm sits at the keys and offers lead vocals, backed by the all star talent of Stephen Roessner (drums), Alex Patrick (guitar), and Elise Hughey (cello). We're proud to share a city with them!

Album Reviews:


Rats In Your Bed

WITR REVIEW: Shimmering guitar licks wash over a militant chord progression and staccato drums. After a few moments, the wave crashes into a 90 second diatribe against a person, an idea, or something more abstract. We will never know because the song ends as deliberately as it begins. And that's just fine, because Chandos isn't about constructing an argument; it's about the moment revelation. In just under 24 minutes, I found myself crashing through single events in my own life as though they were frames in a slide carousel. As singer Dan Coulson spits "Don't you know that you split this town in two?" I find myself narrating my own pivotal decisions, reevaluating the plot for just a few seconds before I'm launched into the next frame. This continues relentlessly and I'm left numb. Then I hit play and I'm in free fall once again. It's unreal. - Cup-o-Joe

Real Estate:


WITR REVIEW: In their follow-up to 2011’s critically-acclaimed Days, Real Estate pushes their floaty, nostalgic, truly genuine yet difficult to define genre of “maybe jangle-pop, maybe soft-americana, maybe indie-haze-rock” even further. Recorded in the summer of 2013 at Wilco’s Loft studio in Chicago, Real Estate layers the pristine, swirlingly melodic guitar work of Matt Mondanile over subtly-moving, tasteful bass lines provided by Alex Bleeker. On Atlas, the band keeps right in step with their previous work with beautifully-constructed tracks like “Talking Backwards”, “Past Lives” and “Crime”, but also gives themselves room to explore their sound and incorporate an ever-so-slight twinge of americana and psychedelic folk influences in a few select tracks, namely “How I Might Live” and “Horizon”. This album is centered around Martin Courtney’s effortless, nostalgic lyrics that seem to be an attempt to take a step back from the the insincerity of 21st century living and get to the root of people’s sensitivity and humanity, bringing us back to days when we were younger and things were more familiar and simple. With Atlas, Real Estate gifts us a sense of wonder and gentle observation that is often in short supply, and we are grateful. [Review by Dr. Jacobi]